Our Team

Mariella Mongiovi


The Crystal Sunshine is cofounded by Mariella Mongiovi, who founded The Crystal Ladder Learning Centre (CLLC) in Toronto, Canada in 2014 and Crystal Paths USA in Miami, FL in 2019. She is a mother of twin daughters diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In 2014, Mariella set out to bring a therapeutic swim with dolphins experience to the families of CLLC. Her relationship with her Co-founder, Chloe Hanson, and Water Planet was born. Since then, Mariella and her team have travelled yearly to Panama City Beach and worked in conjunction with local teams to create and carry out a one of a kind program. These experiences and relationships eventually lead to the growth and development of Crystal Sunshine. Her steadfast commitment in creating holistic and innovative learning environments has led to assemble a knowledgeable and experienced multidisciplinary treatment team, led by a circle of professionals, ensuring that their original vision and mission is always being met.

Chloe Hanson


Crystal Sunshine is co-founded by Chloe Hanson, a native of Austin, TX. As an inclusion specialist, she founded an Inclusive Development and Recreation center, Find Your Sunshine, in 2020. Her Austin, TX based company provides inclusive therapeutic services to children, teens, and adults with and without special needs, growing a unique community that sees beyond abilities. Her ties to Panama City Beach date back to 2013, when she served as an intern with Water Planet. She continued to serve as Water Planet’s Therapeutic Programs and Intern Coordinator from 2015-2017. She has since relinquished her responsibilities as Water Planet’s Coordinator and is now a consultant on the Water Planet Advisory Board and strives to ensure the quality of the experience families receive in their time with Water Planet. Chloe comes to us with a unique background by having direct experience in growing the swim with dolphins programs, developing special needs programs for non-profits, neurodevelopmental teaching, and providing social integration. Her commitment to inclusion and passion for the ocean and the therapeutic value it holds has fueled her drive to design one of a kind multidisciplinary programs in Panama City Beach.

Maria Catalanotto


My name is Maria Catalanotto, I am 21 years old and have been with the Crystal Ladder since I was 14 years old. I initially began volunteering here in my first year of high school but after a short while, I found a passion for working with kids with autism. Over the last 7 years, I have assisted in just about every program offered by the Crystal Ladder however, I especially enjoy being involved in the hands-on recreational programs. 
The first year that the Crystal Ladder went to Panama City Beach, I was lucky enough to join them. It was there that I was able to combine my love for the ocean and my passion for working with children on the spectrum. Since that first year, I have been able to continue participating in the program in Panama City Beach and also now be a part of this new one of a kind program there as well.

Michaela Cooper


Michaela resides in Austin, TX. During the week, you’ll find her at Find Your Sunshine where she is the Child Development Director, and her weekends are spent exploring the city with her dog, Izzy. Michaela graduated from Texas State University in 2019 with a B.S in human development and family science, and went right to work helping her sister Chloe open Find Your Sunshine, which serves the Austin community as an inclusive developmental, recreational and therapeutic center. In addition to her passion for working with children, Michaela also has a strong affinity for the ocean. After experiencing swimming with the dolphins for the first time in 2015, she returned to Panama City Beach in summer 2018 to work as the customer care manager at Water Planet and combine her passions for the first time. She looks forward to continuing this work and aims to pour into the mind, body and soul of every child she encounters.

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