Intensive Therapeutic Swim With The Dolphins


The Crystal Sunshine Therapeutic Swim with Dolphins Program is a one week intensive therapeutic program combining the unique experience of swimming with wild dolphins and other therapeutic techniques to create a one of a kind program. Crystal Sunshine partners with Water Planet USA to provide direct dolphin interaction, sensory sea labs, and nature preserve explorations at Shell Island. Researchers have studied how sonar applications, experiences in open water, and wild dolphin encounters can benefit growth in the areas of self-regulation, focus, attention span, confidence and self-esteem. Our clinicians work together to design individualized programming that combines the valuable experience of swimming with dolphins, intensive brain training, occupational therapy/sensory integration, threabounce, and recreational therapy. Specializing in brain training, our team is proud to bring Neurofeedback, NeuroNet, Veilight, Interactive Metronome, and BlazePods to encourage brain growth and development throughout this program and beyond. With over 35 hours of therapeutic interventions, our intensive program is designed to promote growth and development of brain body connections, emotional health and regulation, and sensory responses.

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